See the Dolphins See the Dolphins

Come to Camp Sewee to experience marine science at our coastal wildlife sanctuary.

Explore South Carolina’s Coast

Life’s a beach. Or at least summer camp can be.

If you’re obsessed with marine animals, curious about ecosystems and can’t get enough of the beach, you’ll have a blast at Camp Sewee! Through hands-on group and individual activities, campers will explore the wonders of marine science and the South Carolina coast while having the time of their lives. Topics include island ecology, a salt marsh study, marine wildlife exploration, late archaic Native American culture, birds of prey, crabbing and more.

Tubing, swimming, fishing, and nature hikes plus day trips to the South Carolina Aquarium, Sewee Environmental Education Center and a local water park add up to an unforgettable summer camp experience!

New this year, surfing and recreational beach day!

  • Island Ecology/Barrier Island Study
  • Crabbing
  • Cast Netting
  • Waterpark
  • Aquarium
  • Center for Birds of Prey
  • Environmental Education Center
  • Fouling lab
  • Games
  • Tubing
  • Recreational Beach Day
  • Surfing


  • 8-14 Year Olds
  • 13-16 Year Olds

Awendaw, SC

Our camp facilities are located near Charleston along a beautiful stretch of the South Carolina’s breath-taking lowcountry and offer easy access to wildlife and the local beaches.


The counselors to have put so much thought into each individual camper and what they represented as part of the team. It was a pleasant and personalized surprise.

Jennifer's Mom

This was his first time away from home for more than one night. He said he didn't get homesick at all.

Jonathan's Dad

Alexa loved every day of camp, the activities, the counselors, the friends that she made. It will forever, for us, be a turning point for her independence, her ability to cope with what life throws her way.

Alexa's Mom